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"I want to work for you, not special interests. I come from a working-class family that has been involved with public service for as long as I can remember. We need to create more opportunities, improve our streets, and expand our resources–especially affordable housing and public transit.  With nearly a decade of grassroots experience, I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate the complicated governmental agencies, and get things done." –Tyler Barrett


Tampa ranks in the top 10 most dangerous areas in the nation for pedestrians. The top 2 causes are drunk driving and speeding. We must prioritize safety as our #1 transportation goal. We must ensure people with disabilities, children, and seniors (who are most likely to be struck by vehicles) are considered in new infrastructure and transit development. 

Our priorities:

-Enforce safer speeds in our neighborhoods

-Protect pedestrians with more walkability and modern lighting/infrastructure design

-Fill the potholes in our streets with sustainable, environmental-friendly material.

-Integrate transit stops into new developments

-Implement e-bike voucher program by building a local public-private coalition to get people off of our congested roads and onto healthier carbon-free alternatives (biking, walking, scooters, skateboards).


Domestic violence and lack of affordable housing are the 2 leading causes for homelessness in our city. We must encourage smart growth and green development while protecting and preserving the legacy and beauty of Tampa.

Our priorities:

-Insist on diverse housing development to reduce homelessness and housing insecurity

-Promote green roof initiatives and integrate vegetation and green spaces into new developments. 

-Encourage and incentivize solar roofs.

-Address the affordable housing shortage.

-Create initiatives for landlords to provide sustainable housing at reasonable costs.

Clean Air, Water and Neighborhoods

Tampa is one of the most beautiful places in the world to live. We must protect this natural beauty by prioritizing air quality, picking up trash, and protecting our water.

Our priorities:

-Require Sustainable development and building policies

-Promote community gardens and Florid-friendly lawns to reduce fertilizer runoff.

-Expand solar lighting in order to save tax dollars and reduce Tampa's carbon emissions. 

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